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Today was cool.

God, I saw the coolest thing today. I was in a Kelsey's taking a piss, and had to wait for the bathroom.
This 2 year old kid was bawling and being stupid and loud like kids often do, and this hero of a man just yelled at the parents and the kid "Shut the fuck up! I'm trying to fucking eat!". And the kid kept his whining up! The guy was nice enough to warn them "If he doesn't shut the fuck up, I'm gonna crack him upside the head".. Lo and behold, guess what the retard kid does? He bawls and whines at the top of his lungs, to which this 300-lbs guy knocked him in the face with half of one of those big ass burritos, knocking the kid on his ass and almost off the table.

Now, that my friends is a hero who deserves every medal the world can give him! Too few people stand up to the menace that is whiny kids, and the parents out there just want to give them "time out" and send them to their room.

Man, I remember when I was a kid, I never got sent to my room. My grandma put me in a Boston Crab and chopped me in the throat. And look how I turned out! It was fun though seeing that burrito whack this whiny, white-bred, rich ugly little bastard right in the face with the force of a football, and how he got shut down like a bad carnival ride. I hate sitting and eating a nice barely dead cow over the spits at my favorite restaurant, and when some whiny kid cries, bawls, and is just plain fucking noisy for no reason... You know what I do? I toss that kid into the deep frying station in the kitchen. I think establishments should be given the right to arrest and deep fry noisy kids. Shit, if I'm noisy, start crying and screaming, I'd get tossed in jail. Why not a kid? I kick so much more ass than any kid out there.
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