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This has been waiting for a while...

Well folks, I've had this energy pent up for a while and I really want to have it rupture right here and now, so be prepared for perhaps the most poetic and graphic moment of your lives... Or at least mine.

I'm insanely horny, for anyone who could tell. Mostly because I've had one good sexual encounter all of my life, and it was born out of what I guess would be the bourgeois act called "sin", but here we go into all that my body, as a flesh and deity, desire... I miss sex above almost anything in my life, even thought it's only been two long, miserable years without it. And it seems that even the lowest human being around me on the street struts with some fine specimen while I lay alone... I wait for the touch of a female again, to taste the power of her awe-inspiring being again. I remember those infinite times when a woman, in all her pristine and goddess glory, tasting the empowering scent from her flesh. Every time I taste the flesh of a female, it makes me realize just how real the blood that flows in my veins actually is. And their scents fill me with an energy that destroys, replicates, and creates universes all at once, showing the ultimate power of all that is in a female, a power that covers me and destroys me all at once. I miss going down on a woman, as strange as that sounds to some. But to taste the hearth in between a woman's legs is to taste all that is power and all that has ever made man great. I love tasting a woman's yoni (aka the "pussy"), and I can say I've spent hours down there just learning the intricate spiral that is a woman's clitoris. And my friends, I can say I can taste the universe and all the power of birth and creation between a woman's thighs. They hold that power and we all know it, despite the fact we as men may think we are overpowering them. But without that taste, my bones wither and peel from inside me. A self-hatred brews inside and holds me tight like being tied to the mast of a sinking ship in a cold ocean.
I remember being held by one woman who wrapped herself around my boy like a spider, slinking her long, almost for-boding legs around me, forcing my body to confide itself into her in the most acrobatic positions. Licking her boots and demanding I taste every inch of her body, as I owe any female. I want to feel that feeling when I plunge myself into a female, I feel her universe of person crash and assimilate inside of me, feeling her body rubbing against mine into such pleasure that we no longer know what is reality and what is not. I enjoy playing the female body like an instrument, learning every note and curve and strumming it until it purrs, yet no one besides me listens to that inquiry. I remember when I had sex for the first real time, and it felt like the universe literally beat through my veins, and I felt everything that set me free at last. Nothing makes my blood flow more real than the scent and flow of an intelligent and gorgeous woman, and at that point I want to taste their cradle of creation as much as possible. I love eating pussy, in short, and I try every tactic until I figure what will have a woman crippled with ecstasy.

I miss sex truly and deeply, and I feel like my body is useless without it.
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