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I was sent a few more pictures of myself just now, so I'm now sharing them.

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You look more and more gay everytime I see you.
Her hand continued to rub mine lightly and I looked back into her pretty eyes. Her hand moved up and began to stroke my arm while I stood staring at her not believing what was happening. Her other hand moved to my arm and pulled me toward her, while she leaned across the counter. Our lips met in a soft kiss. I swooned and our lips parted. I could taste the lipstick on her soft lips and the sweet taste of her mouth as out tongues began to dance. Her hands moved up my arms and ran sensually through my hair while we kissed, our passion beginning to build. My hands moved up to her face and I gently stroked her cheeks while I experienced the most wonderful kiss of my entire life. My nipples stiffened and I felt a familiar tingle beginning between my legs and spreading outward. I could feel the juices begin to flow while her hands slid down to my chest. Her hands found my hard nipples and lightly pinched them through the fabric of my sweater causing me to softly moan into her mouth. We continued to kiss there in the store, her hands getting bolder and slipping under the bottom of my sweater, finally touching my bare tummy. I let out another moan into her mouth letting her know she was pressing all of the right buttons. She took the cue and moved her hands up and released the front clasp on my bra allowing her access to my bare breasts. Her fingers brushed lightly against my hard nipples and I tried to make harder contact. She laughed into my mouth while our tongues dueled. Her lips left my mouth and moved to the nape of my neck, kissing and sucking the soft flesh. She kissed and licked my ears as her hands pinched my nipples with increasing force. My body began to shudder and I felt the beginnings of a small tremor. She moved my sweater up, exposing my breasts to the cool air, her hands rubbing my now achingly hard nipples. The tremors increased, her mouth sucked on my neck and ears, her hands rubbed my breasts and I exploded in a small but wonderful orgasm. Her mouth moving back to my mouth to muffle my moans and yelps of ecstasy.

We continued to kiss across the counter until she broke off the kiss and asked me if I would like to continue this someplace more comfortable. Realizing where I was I breathlessly said, "Yes," and she locked the door and led me back to the office. There was a couch in the room and she led me to it by the hand. We stopped in front of it and she turned and kissed me again. Then our lips parted and she said, "By the way my name is Lisa."

I am, well, what you'd say - slightly taken aback. It is by far the biggest cock I have ever seen and, yes, I guess you could say I have seen a few..

I get down on my knees in front of him and swallow most of that cock. But as much as I try I cannot swallow the whole thing. He is just too fucking big. I swear it must be almost 12 inches long. That doesn't stop me from licking and sucking and kissing it.

The Big Man is digging this big time now. He starts pumping that thing in my mouth back and forth like there's no tomorrow.

Deuce is holding on to my hair and whispering into my ear to suck that thing good - make the Big Man cum real good.

The rain is pouring harder now and the Big Man shoots his hot semen all over my face.

It is running down my cheeks and I wipe as much off as I can and cup it in my hand. I drink his cum.

"Oh yea," says the Big Man to Deuce and Richie, "you really do have a hot Jersey girl there". He turns to me, "Honey, you sure do know how to suck cock, girlie. Mmmmmm."

The four of us head over to my apartment in the rain. We are almost running 'cause it's only about 5 minutes away. I live in a small walk-up above Madame Marie's.

We dry ourselves off and I slip on some Roy Orbison tunes. We smoke another joint.

"Come on, baby", says the Deuce in his raspy voice as he leads me by the hand into my bedroom. The others follow behind. "Take off your clothes, honey, and lay down on the bed. That's a good girl now. You know the drill, Isabella. Lay down spread-eagled while I tie you up with the silk scarves."

I love being naked and tied up for the Deuce. I love feeling so vulnerable and slutty for him. It always makes him hotter than hell and I could sure go for some good fucking from that hot cock of his.

Richie and the Big Man are sitting on each side of me now playing with my tits, kissing and watching me.

Deuce unties my hands and tells me to stand up. The Big Man lies down on his back now with his huge erect penis standing straight up in the air like a periscope looking for prey. I lie on my back on top of him and spread my cheeks wide so he can fill my ass up nice and slow with that enormous beautiful ebony cock.

I spread my legs and Deuce starts fucking my longing wet cunt deep and hard. I love the way his cock feels stretching my hole as he intensely forces that hungry cock of his into depths I never before thought possible. He leans over and pulls my head towards him to kiss my outstretched mouth. His kiss is almost as deeply penetrating as his cock feels in my pussy.

He gently pushes my head back so that Richie can straddle me. Richie is playing with himself and his cock is nice and hard for my wet mouth. He fucks my mouth and whispers in my ear that I am a good little slut to deep throat him so well. He tells me that I am ,b>the best cocksucker on the Jersey Shore</b>.

Richie's filthy whispers put me over the edge and once again I start cumming. My sweat-drenched body is shaking, my cunt and asshole walls are spasming uncontrollably and my pounding feet and hands are beating the mattress. I'm moaning and panting heavily as I start hysterically screaming orgasmic gibberish.

The Big Man abruptly fires his explosive cum in my ass as he shouts out his manic gratification.

Deuce and Richie pull out and start jerking off on top of me. "Now look what you've done, Isabella," says Deuce. "You've made us so hot and horny, darlin', that we just have to shoot our juice all over our sweet little slut."

As if on cue, they both spurt their hot oozing cum all over my face, hair, neck, tits, and stomach. There is so much of it that I am drenched in their sperm. I climb off of the Big Man.

"Good girl," whispers the Deuce as he spanks my ass playfully.

The four of us try really hard to fit into my bed to sleep but try as we might we cannot get comfortable with the Big Man. So I tuck him in with a big wet kiss for a good night's sleep on the couch next to his beloved sax.

The Deuce plays with my hair and whispers into my ear as I drift off into a peaceful contented sleep: "Isabella, baby - my beautiful Jersey slut - you are so very, very fuckable."

just have to ask. Is that collar in the second picture one of those dog training collars w/ the spikes turned inside out? cuz that's what it looks like =]
Perhaps it is... ;)